General Civil Litigation

Litigation is the term typically used to describe all the legal steps involved in settling a controversy between two or more parties before, during and after the actual trial for either civil or criminal cases. We handle a wide of range of civil disputes. Civil law relates to the relationships of contract and exchange between private parties (individuals, businesses or individuals and businesses), such as marriage, divorce, buying and selling property, contracts and warranties, etc. Civil law encompasses all law that is not criminal law. Rather than being tried in a criminal court and a criminal conviction and sentence being imposed, civil law cases are litigated in civil courts as law suits and the end result is normally financial compensation.

A civil law suit is a private suit between two or more entities (can involve individual persons, business or government entities) that generally involve infringement upon the rights and protections of individuals. Civil offenses (such as torts or breaches of contract) can vary greatly and include offenses ranging from a breach of contract or warranty, the unlawful taking of property, invasions of privacy, negligence, intentional and unintentional infliction of physical injury or emotional distress.